Internet Safety

At Varna Community Primary School, we have a strong commitment to internet safety. All children are taught about keeping safe on the internet on a regular basis. We also feel that it is important that parents fully understand the dangers of the internet and how to keep themselves and their children safe.

The links below provide some very useful websites with essential internet safety information for both parents and children.

For more information for a particular age group click on the links below:


          under 5                    age 6 - 10                 age 10+

Following special occassions, students may receive new technology, including phones, tablets etc. We would like to remind all of our pupils of the need to keep themselves safe when using social media, and online, generally.

The following tips may be useful:

  • Use the privacy settings on the phone to limit who reads  your feed
  • Keep location settings off when on social media
  • Do not share personal information or images/video with anyone online
  • Do not accept a friend request from someone you do not know in real life
  • Know how to block or report anything concerning on sites and apps they use. Use Net Aware to find out how.
  • Look out for the CEOP icon to report any suspicious or concerning areas on apps/sites
  • Check out the NSPCC tools, including being Share Aware
  • Remember that online behaviour – including sharing personal information – should mirror behaviour in person
  • Perhaps download the ZipIt app to help you to deal with requests for inappropriate photos.  
  • If your child has a mobile phone or access to the internet please discuss the following with them.

    If you have received or sent any information, images or video to someone whom you do not know, you may want to talk about this with someone. 

    You can share a concern with staff at school. The named staff for safeguarding in our school are Miss Scott, Mrs Collins, Miss Pilling, Mrs Blake, Mr Crossley, Mr Hindmarsh and Mrs Pickering.

Click on these links below to find out more about remote learning and being kind online.



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