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A message from Miss Scott 20/4/20  

Calling all Year 5 children

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Some children may be finding things really tricky at the moment, here is a book to help support them and maybe answer some of the questions that they might have.

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Friday 10th July 2020

Good morning year 5!

Parents, if you have any queries relating to home learning, contact the year group email address and one of the teachers will have a look at it. Your Year 5 email address is –

Today’s work:


English: Reading lesson: TBC

Maths:  Challenge of the week - for additional maths challenges visit:

Arts week: Ten pieces takeover

Something extra:

Read chapter 20 of the Ickabog:

In this chapter, Spittleworth is still trying to convince the king that he is a hero and tried to kill the Ickabog. The king has been in hiding since returning from the marshes but he has been informed that the following day will be the day of mourning for the men killed ‘by the Ickabog’.

Your task: At the end of the chapter, Bert destroys the wooden toy Ickabog that Mr Dovetail had made for him. Draw or create the toy Ickabog. What would it look like? How big would it be? What colours would it have on it?


I know lots of you have really enjoyed ‘drawing with Rob’ – above is the link to his website with step-by-step tutorials for you to try.

Remember, if you are really proud of any of your work/artwork/creations and want to show it off, then send it to us so we can see what you have been up to. It might even be put on our website! Ask your adult to email it to us at:



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