Year 5 2022 - 2023

Miss Busairi

Miss Stenson

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 We are really excited for the 2022/23 academic year and look forward to sharing this time with you all.

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We've already had lots of exciting things happen at school this year, like: 


A few of our year had the honour of visiting our local cenotaph to pay our respects to fallen soldiers during the wars. They were involved in a 2-minute silence and discussed the importance of remembering this soldiers and the relevance they still hold today. 

Space Visit!

During our Autumn term, we were lucky enough to get to experience an interactive space dome! We all got to sit inside an astrological dome where we were able to observe stars, learn about the moon landing as well as the Earth's relation to the moon and sun. We had lots of questions to ask after our experience and were able to ask an expert in the field. 

Cadet Training

During our first week back, we were put through our paces during 'Cadet Training'. Our training involved a rigorous schedule that is reflective of the police application process. We were able to take part in: an application process, a Maths and English test, a task which demonstrated team work skills and then undertook a formal interview with ex-police officers. We were really proud of all that we achieved. Well done, Cadets!

Beswick Library Visit

As passionate readers, we got the chance to visit our local library, Beswick. Lots of us already had library cards, but we were all given an application to apply for our own.

We were welcomed with a brief introduction to the library, shown how the library was organised and given a chance to explore the library - in preparation for any future visits. After, we were introduced to an app that helped us create green screen images of our favourite book covers, we learnt about how to navigate the app in order to make the best use of the green screen and achieve the best outcomes. We had lots of fun working together in teams and experimenting with the different features within the    apps. 

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