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All children completed a manifesto and read it out to their class. All children then voted for the candidate they wanted to represent their class and the winners were announced in assembly.


  • To encourage positive relationships between adults and children, and among children.
  • To give children a voice in the school.
  • To show children how to be good citizens.
  • To involve children in raising funds for school improvement.
  • To listen
  • To work towards improving our school
  • Keep staff, parents and pupils informed
  • To set a good example

Our current focus:

Raise the profile of school council

Make a welcome video for the school

Increased pupil voice opportunities

Support with the Wellbeing team, promoting the worry box

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Our School Council Voice

Year 3

"I was voted as a school councillor because I said I would help and make people feel that they are not alone."

"I was voted as a school councillor because I made a good speech and persuaded people to vote for me."

"I was voted as a school councillor because I wanted to represent the school."

"I was voted as a school councillor because people can talk to me if they want to."


Year 4

"I wanted to be a school councillor so that I could show people that I am a role model and help the environment, so we can change the school and have healthy choices."

"I wanted to be a school councillor because I wanted to help change the school and make it better for people who are here now and new people. I want everyone to have a good time, have good equipment and be healthy."


Year 5

As school councillors we want to:

Make TT Rockstars competitions

Have reading door competitions

Help children to make good choices

Spend time with the school council to ensure school is as good as it can be


Year 6

Why should we have a school council?

To improve the school and help people

To provide a voice for children across the school

To encourage children to come up with ideas to improve their school and school life

To be there when you need them, if you need help or someone to talk to as the voice of the child

To be the voice of their class, especially for the people who are shy.

To improve the school and get different activities

To develop new and existing ideas






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