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Mrs Veal

Miss Tosh

April: A message from Ms Scott, click on the Ms Scott's photograph below to view. 

May: A message from all of the staff, click on the school photograph to see all the staff.

June: A special assembly from the Duchess of Cambridge - click on the picture below:


A thank you to Miss Scott From Ruby and Amelia-Rae



Calling all Year 1 children- your teachers have written you a new newsletter - check them out!

June: Mrs Pickering's NewsletterMiss Tosh's NewsletterMrs Veal's Newsletter

May: Mrs Pickering's NewsletterMiss Tosh's NewsletterMrs Veal's Newsletter

April: Mrs Pickering's NewsletterMiss Tosh's NewsletterMrs Veal's Newsletter


Home Learning

If you have any queries relating to home learning, contact the year group email address and one of the teachers will have a look at it. Your Year 1 email address is: The previous week's learning is saved below in the Files to Download section of the class page.


Friday 10th July 2020

Good morning, today we will be doing:

English – Reading Lesson: Daily Book Club Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

Maths – Challenge of the week

Arts Week – Ten pieces takeover

Your link is here:

Our challenge for you today is to ‘fill someone’s bucket full of kindness’! Watch this video to learn how to fill someone’s bucket…. It’s important to be a bucket filler simply because it makes others feel good. People feel bad when their buckets are empty. However, a full bucket brings a lot of joy! A bucket filler is someone who uses acts of kindness and love to make another person feel better. This could be anything! A bucket filler could say a kind word to someone who looks sad or they could help a friend in need. Being a bucket filler can be as simple as smiling at someone!

Send us a photograph of your bucket filling ideas for the school website…


Stories that explore fear, worry and anxiety

Children may be experiencing worries and anxieties during the return to school phase. We have started a list of picture books to read to children in Reception and Year 1 that introduce these themes. They are wonderful books for any time of the year. Click on the pictures below to find out more.

Storytime with your teachers

Your teachers have been recording their favourite stories on Youtube, click on the pictures to listen to your teachers- Mrs Pickering, Miss Tosh, Mrs Veal, Miss Sexton and Mrs Stokes reading.


Keeping Safe on the Internet

Click on the pictures to find out more...   



For age appropriate e-safety advice, click on the picture below:


If you need advice or someone to talk to you can contact Childline.

0800 1111 (calls are confidential and free).

If you are feeling sad, worried or just don't know what to do, you can call, email or check out the message boards at Childline.


Free Books

Audible have made lots of online books free during school closures. This is a great way to allow the children to read a variety of interesting books.

Manchester libraries are doing a weekly newsletter, this week's is below. It contains lots of information and links to online resources, including ebooks and a daily story from David Walliams. If you want to receive this weekly sign up at:


Government guidance 20th April:   


Home schooling advice for parents

Government advice for parents of SEND pupils

Government advice for parents of children under 4

Government home schooling website list


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