Year 2 2022 - 2023

Mrs Stokes

Mrs Veal

We are really excited for the 2022/23 academic year and look forward to sharing this time with you all.

A little something all about us...

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Our Learning! 

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Year 2 have enjoyed exploring the local area to enhance our learning the in classroom. For example, we took a quick trip to Lidl to buy tinned foods. We learned all about where food comes from (linked to our Geography topic 'On The Farm') and used our knowledge of money to ensure we could afford each tin and calculate how much change we would need. We then donated the tins to the local foodbank, linked to our RE unit about Kindness in the Community!  

We also took a trip to Beswick Library, linked to our Whole Class Reading lessons. We explored the shelves, looking for our favourite books and then had the opportunity to experiment with a green screen! 



One of the most popular subjects in Year 2 is PE! We have particularly enjoyed gymnastics, where we have practised rolls, balances and jumps. We have been working on our core stablilty and control. Can you see good examples of our gymnastics shapes? We are trying to keep our legs straight for star jumps, get our knees to our chest for a tuck jump and keep our arms above our head for our straight jumps. 



We have worked with Mrs McAffer to improve our observational drawings. We looked carefully at microbes (linked to our Nurturing Nurses topic in History!) and blended colours together to recreate these. We then washed on top of this using coloured ink. We discovered that the oil pastels resist the ink, leaving our designs in tact. 

We also created Inca Sun God masks out of clay. We looked at Ecuadorian artwork and used this to inspire our pattern making. We sketched this design first and then moulded the clay to match our drawings. 




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