Relax Kids

IMG_0455.JPG''I love my school, because you can attend lots of clubs during the day. At relax kids, we have lots of fun and socialise and interact with children from different classes.''


Relax Kids uses research-based mindful and relaxation techniques alongside values and positive psychology (positivity, strength-building, gratitude, resilience and compassion) to help support children’s emotional health and wellbeing.  It incorporates the following:

Movement - incorporates dance and movement, encouraging the development of core physical skills, improving coordination and encouraging a healthier immune system.

Games and Play – uses a range of energetic and fun mindfulness games. They will help build children’s confidence,  social interaction and communication skills. They also develop focus and concentration.

Stretching – The stretches are carefully demonstrated and used by the children to lengthen and stretch bodies and so improve postural awareness. The exercises help release physical tension, develop motor skills and body awareness and help balanace and flexibility.

Massage – These calming self-massage exercises help children become aware of their own bodies, calm the nervous system and lower stress levels in children.

Breathing – a range of child friendly exercises encourage deep breathing. Breathing exercises help to improve concentration and focus, whilst also giving the children techniques to self-calm.

Affirmations – incorporate a range of games and circle time activities that enable children to confidently use positive affirmations and self-praise. They encourage the development of positive neurological pathways and promote and improve self confidence and self esteem.

Visualisations – incorporate deep body relaxation, mindfulness exercises and guided imagery. These exercises help release physical and mental tention and give children self-management tools. They can also help relieve fatigue and improve child anxiety.

Each week your child will bring home an activity to share with their family. This will help support what they have been learning.

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